Monday, February 17, 2014

Dom Pedro

Dom Pedro ~ best ice-cream based drinking dessert ever !
You will find a Dom Pedro on just about any South-African restaurant's dessert menu. It is however a little different from restaurant to restaurant in that some use Amarula Liqueur and others would use Kahlua Liqueur.

I prefer Amarula as I think it is the most wonderful, exotic liqueur around ! It has been said that the Marula fruit {the overripe fruits} falls from the trees in the wild ... the elephants then eat it and well, let's just say they're a happy bunch after a Marula treat ;-)

This is one of the easiest desserts which you can drink, although you might get a light bout of brainfreeze should you drink too quickly.

Dom Pedro ~ best drinking dessert ! #SouthAfrican #Dessert #Beverage #Amarula #DomPedro

So thick and frothy ! One really just want to sip away after a hearty meal !


Serves 4


4 cups Vanilla Ice-Cream, slightly softened

1/2 cup Amarula Liqueur  {or Kahlua}

3/4 cup Fresh Cream  {double cream/thick cream}

1 Flake Chocolate Bar, crumbled  {or any shaved Chocolate}


1.) Place the Ice-Cream, Liqueur and Cream in a blender - blitz until combined.
2.) Pour into serving glasses and sprinkle with Chocolate flakes/crumbs.

Serve immediately.

Dom Pedro ~ best drinking dessert ! #SouthAfrican #Dessert #Beverage #Amarula #DomPedro