Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Butterfly Vase and Coasters


This is a lovely craft where I used paper serviettes decoupaged onto a {once again!}old  empty vinegar bottle as well as some coasters. I have had these butterfly serviettes for some time now, but have somehow forgotten about them.

The Butterfly Vase and Coasters took me less than 2 hours to make, including the cutting of the coasters, which I used an old clipboard to cut the pieces from.

Above is everything I used for both the vase and the coasters:

- 6 Coasters
- Hard Varnish  {you can also use mod podge}
- Soft round sponges {to apply the varnish}
- Small empty glass vinegar bottle
- Paper Serviettes
- Silicone paddle {to remove any air bubbles - you can use a roller or even a credit card}
- Light sanding paper {not shown}
- Craft Paint {light blue}

I removed both the white backing papers of the serviettes and only used the top layer as follows:

- applied some varnish to the coaster and the bottom of the cut out piece and stuck them together in place {repeated this with all the coasters}
- I used the paddle starting from the center working outwards to remove any air bubbles
- after about 5 minutes I started to give each coaster a layer of varnish with about 10 minute intervals between each layer.
- after the 3rd layer I added some dots with crafting paint which I lightly sanded to make them appear softer
- I applied another 2 layers of varnish which, once it was completely dry, sanded down gently and the coasters were done.

Paper serviettes are extremely thin and the background {not the butterflies} completely disappeared therefore, if you would like a certain background, paint the coasters first before starting this project.

For the vase I cut out each butterfly - removed the white backing pieces and also only used the very top layer
- I applied a thin layer of varnish to cover the butterfly completely and stuck it into place on the glass bottle
- for this craft I used my finger tips to gently rub out any air bubbles
- I applied another 3 layers of varnish over the butterflies {and the complete part of the bottle where the butterflies are}with about 5 minutes interval between each layer.
- after the last layer I left the decoupaged bottle to dry completely, before sanding it down gently and making it smooth.
{the varnish dries clear}

I absolutely love how the vase turned out, but I am not completely happy with the coasters and would definitely paint the raw coasters next time, before I start glueing pictures to them.

**In case you are wondering - I add a drop of food color to my clear vases' water, in whatever color I am in the mood for - today I used a drop of blue**