Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ginger Ale {Sugar-Free}

Ginger Ale {Sugar-Free} with an option of full sugar  #Drinks #Beverages #GingerAle #Cordial

So, the other day I shared with you how to RE-CYCLE A VINEGAR BOTTLE and I promised to tell what I have filled it with ...

Delicious, and oh so refreshing Ginger Ale which is also Sugar-Free ! Now, that's a recipe worth the wait, don't you think?  I made some SPARKLING MINT LEMONADE recently, and just afterwards, Dimitri asked when am I going to make some Ginger Ale...

Well, on that same day I was doing my usual rounds on the internet {also known as stalking!} and found this recipe on one of our local magazine's digital recipe sites. I took it to be a sign, as I haven't seen a Ginger Ale recipe for ages, and immediately got everything together to whip up a batch.

I actually made two batches, mine and Cheri's = Sugar-Free and instead of using Stevia, I used 4 cups of Sugar to make a batch for Roy and Dimitri. To me, both taste the same, but, yes, they can apparently taste the difference between real sugar and Stevia {which is also a natural, organic sweetener, but try telling them that!}

approximately 1.25 lt {undiluted syrup}


1 liter Water
1 cup Fresh Ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
1 cup Stevia Sweetener {or your favorite}  --- or substitute with 4 cups Sugar ---
Grated Peel of 1 Lemon
Juice of 1 Lemon

Soda Water or Sparkling Water to top up


1.) Place the Water, Ginger, Sweetener and grated Lemon Peel in a large saucepan - bring to the boil and then lower heat to medium - simmer 20 minutes.
2.) Remove from heat, let cool completely and transfer to a sealed container - refrigerate at least two days {or more - the longer the better}.
3.) Add the Lemon Juice and stir well - pour the syrup through a strainer and discard the pieces.
4.) Pour 2 - 4 TB of the Syrup into a tall glass and top up with Soda Water or Sparkling Water and ice - serve well chilled.
5.) Keep syrup in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Ginger Ale {Sugar-Free} with an option of full sugar  #Drinks #Beverages #GingerAle #Cordial
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